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Aktion Nepal Schwarztee im 1 kg Vorteilspack Nr. 394
Nepal Initiative FTGFOP First Flush Organic (1 Kg)
A mellow, flowery and fragrant cuvée from the heart of the...
Aktion Nepal Schwarztee in der 250 g Packung Nr. 392
Nepal Initiative FTGFOP First Flush Organic (250g)
A mellow, flowery and fragrant cuvée from the heart of the...
(€34.00* Base Price)
Assam Jamguri Second Flush Biotee Nr. 107
Assam CTC BOP1 Jamguri Second Flush organic
A rich and invigoratingly spicy, full-bodied tea from the Nagaon...
(€45.00* Base Price)
Tee Nr. 135
Assam FOP Second Flush
A Flowery Orange Pekoe leaf with a spicy, thick, aromatic, dark red...
(€42.00* Base Price)
Tee Nr. 150
Assam FTGFOP 1 Mangalam Second Flush
Golden tips evoke the hot sun of the early June Second Flush...
(€82.00* Base Price)
Tee Nr. 145
Assam TGFOP Heeleakah
Brace for this ideal whole leaf breakfast tea. Honest, buttery...
(€61.00* Base Price)
Tee Nr. 125
Assam TGBOP Boisahabi Malty Second Flush
Don’t let the small leaves fool you! This coppery red and biscuity...
(€63.00* Base Price)
Assam Tonga Nr. 154
Assam SFTGBOP Tonga Second Flush, organic
Golden times for organic production. Such a classy, authentic,...
(€96.00* Base Price)
Assam Marangi Second Flush Nr. 160
Assam SFTGFOP1 Marangi Second Flush
A sophisticated selection serving notice that perfection is always...
(€131.00* Base Price)
Tee Nr. 155
Assam SFTGFOP 1 Mokalbari Second Flush
Situated on the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra River, the...
(€115.00* Base Price)
Tee Nr. 153
Assam STGBOP Hattialli Second Flush
A beautiful sight! The dark chocolate broken leaves sparkle with a...
(€85.00* Base Price)
Assam Ananda Second Flush Bio Nr. 148
Assam TGFOP1 Ananda
“Ananda” translates to “bliss” – a state of mind that this charming...
(€62.00* Base Price)
MasterBag Teebeutel Pyramidenbeutel Schwarzer Tee Assam Tonga Nr. 8630
Assam Tonga, organic (MasterBag Mug Pyramid)
Strong black tea, fullbodied Assam flavor.
Box of 15 Bags
(€231.67* Base Price)
Tee Nr. 430
Ceylon OP Nuwara Eliya highgrown
At over 6000 feet, the high plateau of Nuwara Eliya boasts some of...
(€49.00* Base Price)
Tee Nr. 445
Ceylon OP "Decaf"
Decaffeinated via a natural CO2 process, this Ceylon Orange Pekoe...
(€85.00* Base Price)
Tee Nr. 440
Ceylon OP Uva Blairlomond highgrown
Although the dry leaf is not highly expressive, when this wiry...
(€66.00* Base Price)
Tee Nr. 410
Ceylon Pekoe Uva Highlands highgrown
The highest heights of Uva at their very best. A smaller leaf size...
(€75.00* Base Price)
MasterBag Teebeutel Pyramidenbeutel Schwarzer Tee CHAI BIO Nr. 8640
Chai (MasterBag Mug Pyramid)
Strong, spicy, typically Indian. Best with hot milk and a little...
Box of 15 Bags
(€144.79* Base Price)
MasterBag Pot Chai Nr. 8530
Typically Indian, spicy
Box of 20 Bags
(€108.89* Base Price)
Tee Nr. 570
China Golden Yunnan Organic
Yunnan Province, the birthplace of tea, is famous for its...
(€65.00* Base Price)
China Keemun Finest Chuen Ch'a Bio Nr. 561
China Keemun Finest Chuen Ch'a Organic
A treasured tea from southern Anhui Province, Keemun is grown and...
(€78.00* Base Price)
Tee Nr. 581
China Lapsang Souchong
Legend has it that this intense, smoky Black tea from the Fujian...
(€68.00* Base Price)
Tee Nr. 576
China Mannong Pu Erh
The Mannong region of Yunnan province is renowned for producing...
(€89.00* Base Price)
China Yunnan Golden Downy Pekoe Nr. 574
China Yunnan Golden Downy Pekoe Organic
Smooth, sweet and mild – a wonderful black tea, character of Assam....
(€118.00* Base Price)
Tee Nr. 240
Darjeeling FTGFOP 1 Pussimbing First Flush Organic
At over 5,000 feet, this garden is literally heavenly. Fans of a...
(€109.00* Base Price)
Tee Nr. 230
Darjeeling FTGFOP 1 Soom First Flush
From one of the most splendid tea gardens in the Darjeeling region,...
(€148.00* Base Price)
Darjeeling Mohanbari Nr. 295
Darjeeling FTGFOP Mohanbari™
A blend of spring harvested First Flush Darjeeling teas. Light,...
(€45.20* Base Price)
Darjeeling Avongrove Second Flush organic Nr. 269
Darjeeling FTGFOP1 Avongrove Second Flush Organic
A relative newcomer, Avongrove has quickly catapulted up the short...
(€123.00* Base Price)
Schwarztee Darjeeling Mim First Flush Nr. 226
Darjeeling FTGFOP1 Mim First Flush
This worthy successor of the Darjeeling Steinthal convinces with...
(€122.00* Base Price)
Tee Nr. 250
Darjeeling No. 6 FOP Second Flush
A solid, reliable blend of teas plucked late in the Second Flush...
(€47.00* Base Price)
Darjeeling Tee online kaufen Nr. 215
Darjeeling No. 9 TGFOP 1 Himalaya First Flush
A blend of First Flush estate teas that captures the spirit of...
(€79.50* Base Price)
Tee Nr. 235
Darjeeling SFTGFOP 1 Lingia First Flush
Lingia is a small garden recognized for doing big things in...
(€169.00* Base Price)
First Flush Bio Schwarztee aus Darjeeling "Orange Valley" Nr. 222
Darjeeling TGFOP1 Orange Valley First Flush
In the midst of probably the most renowned growing area for tea...
(€102.00* Base Price)
Bio Earl Grey Tee Nr. 938
Earl Grey
Fine South Indian Black teas blended with rare Italian bergamot oil...
(€62.00* Base Price)
leichter Earl Grey Tee aus First Flush Schwarztee Nr. 923
Earl Grey Imperior
A superior Earl Grey composed of high quality First Flush...
(€59.00* Base Price)
Earl Grey Noblesse Nr. 918
Earl Grey Noblesse
A blend of fine Black teas from South India accented with premium...
(€59.00* Base Price)
Schwarztee Earl Grey Nr. 69 mit Bergamotten Aroma Nr. 922
Earl Grey no. 69
A blend of the finest Black teas heavy with first-rate bergamot...
(€47.00* Base Price)
Earl Grey Lady's Violet Nr. 935
Earl Grey's Lady Violet
The subtle scent of citrus-fresh bergamot blends softly with First...
(€59.00* Base Price)
MasterBag Pot English Breakfast Nr. 8503
English Breakfast
Dark color in the cup, fullbodied and spicy.
Box of 20 Bags
(€116.67* Base Price)
MasterBag Teebeutel Pyramidenbeutel Schwarzer Tee English Breakfast Nr. 8631
English Breakfast (MasterBag Mug Pyramid)
A classic, spicy and aromatic, strong cup.
Box of 15 Bags
(€231.67* Base Price)
English Breakfast Tea Nr. 750
English Breakfast Tea
A brilliant interpretation of a classic. This harmonious blend of...
(€43.00* Base Price)
Tee Nr. 755
English Five o´clock Tea
These CTC (Cut-Tear-Curl) leaves infuse quickly, just in time for a...
(€39.00* Base Price)
Airfreighted First Flush tea from Soom Nr. 233
Airfreighted Darjeeling FTGFOP1 Soom First Flush
Among the most respected names in Darjeeling First Flush, Soom...
(€189.50* Base Price)
Airfreighted Nepal Sunderpani First Flush organic Nr. 306
Airfreighted Nepal SFTGFOP1 Sunderpani First...
The most beautiful outcome so far, result of the combined efforts...
(€139.00* Base Price)
Airfreighted North India Manjhee Valley First Flush Nr. 370
Airfreighted North India SFTGFOP 1 Manjhee...
Seasoned tea maker Abhai Singh has worked his magic once again,...
(€123.00* Base Price)
Tee Nr. 300
Golden Nepal
An airy, spicy, fresh, aromatic composition produced in small...
(€62.00* Base Price)
Indian Chai Organic Nr. 780
Indian Chai
An authentic South Indian delight. Strong, broken black tea is...
(€55.00* Base Price)
Tee Nr. 801
Kenya GFOP Milima™
This charming, spicy tea from the Kericho district in Kenya is...
(€66.00* Base Price)
Laos Wild Phongsali Nr. 585
Laos Wild Phongsali
Exotic addition to our Asia range: Black tea (locally also called...
(€83.00* Base Price)
MasterBag Pot Assam Mangalam Nr. 8500
MB Assam Mangalam (Pot)
Full bodied, spicy
Box of 20 Bags
(€116.67* Base Price)
MasterBag Pot Darjeeling Pussimbing First Flush Nr. 8504
MB Darjeeling Pussimbing First Flush Organic (Pot)
Aromatic, freshly fragrant.
Box of 20 Bags
(€116.67* Base Price)
Ostfriesentee im MasterBag Kanne Nr. 8506
MB East Frisian Tea (Pot)
This hearty blend of robust Assam teas is enjoyed in Northern...
Box of 20 Bags
(€116.67* Base Price)
MasterBag Teebeutel Pyramidenbeutel Schwarzer Tee Darjeeling Pussimbing First Flush BIO Nr. 8632
MBP Darjeeling Pussimbing First Flush Organic...
An aromatic First Flush, fresh and bright in the cup,
Box of 15 Bags
(€231.67* Base Price)
Meghalaya LaKyrsiew Second Flush Nr. 375
Meghalaya SFTGFOP (CL) LaKyrsiew Organic
Enchanting rarity from this hardly known region between Assam and...
(€169.00* Base Price)
Loser Blattee Nepal Rarität Second Flush Nr. 363
Nepal FTGFOP Rarity Second Flush
Quite a few selected tea gardens delivering small amounts of tea...
(€81.00* Base Price)
Nepal SFTGFOP Ilam Valley Nr. 365
Nepal SFTGFOP Ilam Valley Second Flush Organic
Well-balanced mildly spicy Second Flush, pleasantly fresh cup,...
(€107.00* Base Price)
Teebild Nepal Mystic Shangri La BIO Nr. 376
Nepal SFTGFOP1 Mystic Shangri La Second Flush...
Velvety, nutty and exquisite. Top Second Flush from the paradise of...
(€166.00* Base Price)
black tea from Nepal Sunderpani First Flush organic Nr. 303
Nepal SFTGFOP1 Sunderpani First Flush Organic
Enchanting First Flush produced by smallholders of Ilam, flowery...
(€93.00* Base Price)
Spirit of Sunderpani Nr. 320
Nepal Spirit of Sunderpani® Organic
A golden gift of nature, radiating the spirit of Sunderpani...
(€57.50* Base Price)
Nepal Hope Autumnal Schwarztee Nr. 385
Nepal TGFOP Hope Autumnal Organic
Delightfully flavorful, aromatic autumnal crop, richly nuanced,...
(€68.00* Base Price)
Schwarztee aus Neuseeland online kaufen Nr. 660
New Zealand Zealong Black Organic
This large and open leaf makes for a mahogany-colored cup without a...
(€388.00* Base Price)
Tee Nr. 345
Nilgiri TGFOP Blue Mountain
A typical Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe of high quality; fine...
(€54.00* Base Price)
North India Manjhee Valley Nr. 360
North India SFTGFOP1 Manjhee Valley First Flush
In the northwest corner of India lies the mile-high Manjhee Valley,...
(€95.00* Base Price)
Tee Nr. 762
O’Sullivan’s Favorite™
The Irish are among the most prolific tea drinkers in the world,...
(€36.00* Base Price)
Tee Nr. 185
East Frisian Leaf Blend
The full leaf version of our beloved broken blend is just a touch...
(€55.00* Base Price)
Tee Nr. 180
East Frisian Broken Blend
This hearty blend of robust Assam teas is enjoyed in Northern...
(€44.00* Base Price)
Tee Nr. 739
Russian Samovar Tea
A blend of Ceylon, Chinese and Indian teas with the mild notes of...
(€43.00* Base Price)
Thiele Tea Broken Old Gold Nr. 175
Thiele Tea Broken Old Gold
Best East Frisian blend, the sunday tea, top variety from Assam,...
(€53.60* Base Price)
Thiele Tea Broken Silver Nr. 170
Thiele Tea Broken Silver
The most drunk tea in East Frisia. Strong, spicy, malty and rich in...
(€33.20* Base Price)
Schwarztee aus Vietnam Nr. 871
Vietnam Kim Tuyen
These old tea plants still partially grow wild in the North of...
(€62.00* Base Price)