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Unsere "very umami" Tees

Der Begriff "umami" stammt aus dem Japanischen und bedeutet so viel wie herzhaft, wohlschmeckend. Man bezeichnet ihn auch als den fünften Geschmack neben den bei uns vor allem bekannten Richtungen süß, salzig, sauer und bitter. Insbesonders japanische Grüne Tees, allen voran der Matcha und die beschatteten Grünen Tees, können intensive Umami-Geschmackserlebnisse hervorrufen.
No. 716
Japan Gyokuro Kukicha organic
Intensly shaded, juicy-green needle leaf combined with filigree leaf-stalks light in color results in an excellent Kukicha speciality. Full-bodied, delicate and fruity th...
from €18.90*

(€189.00* / Kilogram)

No. 720
Japan Gyokuro organic
The advent of spring heralds this elite “Jade Dew” tea that is entirely produced by hand in a boutique setting in southern Kyushu. The emerald leaf takes on a lustrous, s...
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(€298.00* / Kilogram)

Bio-Anbau DE-ÖKO-013
No. 718
Japan Kabuse-cha (covered tea) organic
A stunning, emerald First Flush Green tea harvested in early June. For centuries, Japanese tea growers have practiced “shading” – using nets or trellises to control the a...
from €19.70*

(€197.00* / Kilogram)

Bio-Anbau DE-ÖKO-013
No. 704
Japan Matcha Culinary Organic
Milkshake, ice cream, cake, pasta – Matcha Wa is the perfect addition to your kitchen’s recipe collection. Matcha Wa is pleasantly intense, full-bodied and refreshingly t...
from €29.50*

(€295.00* / Kilogram)

Bio-Anbau DE-ÖKO-013
No. 708
Japan Matcha Jaku "Ceremonial Spirit" Organic
Representing the soul of green teas of Japan – full-bodied, intense and enchantingly green! From the south of Japan and highly recommended for tea ceremonies this tea mak...
from €34.50*

(€1,150.00* / Kilogram)

Bio-Anbau DE-ÖKO-013
No. 709
Japan Matcha Kei "Master's Tribute" Organic
Our tea growers in Japan face Matcha Kei with greatest dedication: Harvested at the very best of times in spring, shaded for a lengthy period of time, ground particularly...
from €48.80*

(€1,626.67* / Kilogram)

Bio-Anbau DE-ÖKO-013
No. 707
Japan Matcha Sei "Every Day Purity" Organic
Free your heart and your mind from the stresses of everyday life – the easiest way to do that is with a bowl of Matcha! The most popular Matcha for everyday use is mild, ...
from €19.30*

(€643.33* / Kilogram)

Bio-Anbau DE-ÖKO-013