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Acting sustainably

creates social product quality

Seit GrĂĽndung des Unternehmens ist verantwortliches Handeln im Sinne von Mensch und Natur ein existenzieller Bestandteil der Unternehmenskultur. Dieses Handeln ist fĂĽr uns zur grundlegenden Haltung geworden, um moralische Werte mit unternehmerischem Handeln in Einklang zu bringen.

Unsere Firmengeschichte zeigt die Entwicklung vom traditionellen «Teehandeln» in eine Zeit mit komplexer werdenden Geschäftsideen, -feldern und einer Vielfalt von Geschäftspartnern, in der wir durch kontinuierliche Entwicklungsprozesse unser werteorientiertes Handeln manifestieren konnten.

Einzigartig ist der interaktive Austausch zwischen den Menschen in den Ursprungsländern, die unseren Tee herstellen, den Menschen, die den Tee einkaufen und denen, die ihn hier in ihren Geschäften mit Begeisterung verkaufen. Durch unzählige Reisen in Teegärten auf der ganzen Welt wächst das Verständnis für die Herausforderungen im Ursprung und umgekehrt können schwer nachvollziehbare Anforderungen der westlichen Welt an Arbeits- oder Lebensmittelsicherheit mit den Menschen in den Ursprungsländern erläutert werden.

Ein elementarer Baustein auf dem Weg der Nachhaltigkeit ist die Weiterentwicklung unseres Sortimentes zu mehr Produkten aus biologischem Anbau und mit eigenen Projekten in den Erzeugerländern, über die wir im besten Sinne direkte, konkrete Entwicklungshilfe leisten können.

Focal points in the sense of people and nature


Precious Gift of Nature

Tea is one of the cleanest and healthiest foods in the world. Almost all our products are vegan, vegetarian and of the highest, assured quality. We particularly focus on steadily increasing the proportion of organic teas wherever possible.

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less and less, ever more environmentally friendly

Our packaging has the important task of protecting our teas. At the same time, we see it as our mission to do without packaging wherever possible or to switch to resource- and environmentally-friendly new developments in the packaging market.

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Together for the good of the environment and nature

With our projects in Nepal, Vietnam, Myanmar, Assam, South India or just around the corner in the Rhineland, for example, we succeed in realising sustainability goals in concrete regions with their local people. Sustainable action is particularly effective when it has a direct impact!

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Environment - the most valuable asset

Not only since Fridays for Future reminded us of this every Friday, we and many of our customers have realised: everyone should be active in the sense of the environment within the scope of their possibilities - or even passive when it comes to avoiding waste or CO2. Even as a comparatively small company, there are many things you can do. What do we do?

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We are family!

Employees, franchise partners, people in the countries of origin, project partners, customers - valuable people "from garden to cup". As a responsible company, the well-being, the future, the equality of all people, the development opportunities of employees and partners are very close to our hearts. What do we do for this?

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We support

Long-standing partnerships such as with NABU, GIZ, Ronald McDonald Foundation, but also newly added partnerships such as Viva con Agua, Habitat for Humanity or the bio innovation park Rheinland result in what is commonly called synergies or "win-win". Ultimately, it is above all a strengthening of the cause with combined forces!

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Tested and approved

Organic as a sustainability factor!

Tea - organically grown or conventionally cultivated - is one of the purest foods on earth. The fact that more than 40 % of the teas in our assortment come from organic cultivation follows from our "YES" to the conversion of production methods for the benefit of the environment, people and nature. Even if conventional teas have the edge in sensory terms now and then - the organic share is growing steadily and is a pleasure to drink!

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Various teas have been awarded the Fairtrade seal for "Fair Trade" by Fairtrade Deutschland e.V.. Fair trade" promotes the independence and equal rights of partners in the Third World who are disadvantaged in the trading process. The additional price paid for the tea is used directly to improve the living conditions of the tea pickers and workers.

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Green Franchise Award

In 2017, we received the Green Franchise Award for our commitment as a particularly sustainable franchise system. The jury described TeaGschwendner as a role model for ecology, economy, culture and social issues that consistently implements the holistic sustainability approach throughout the entire company. An encouragement to continue on this path!

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TeaGschwendner is IFS certified. The IFS Food Standard is a standard recognised by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) for auditing food manufacturers. The focus here is on food safety and the quality of processes and products. The IFS Food was developed in close cooperation with certification bodies, the trade, the food industry and the system gastronomy. 
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GLS Climate Protect

Since October 2019, TeeGschwendner has been actively participating in the GLS KlimaProtect programme and thus handles its parcel shipping via General Logistics Systems Germany GmbH & Co. OHG in a climate-neutral manner. The CO2 emissions generated during parcel transport are offset by investments in an externally certified forest protection and reforestation project (VCS/CCB standard). 


 We ship our online orders with DHL and take advantage of the "Go Green" option to send our parcels climate-neutrally. The emissions caused by shipping are offset by DHL through investments in global climate protection projects - for this we are very happy to pay a special obolus on each parcel. Go Green also enables our customers to use the parcel pick-up service provided by the delivery company and thus save unnecessary journeys. 

Promoting young talent

TeaGschwendner was awarded the "Certificate for the Promotion of Young Talent" by the Federal Employment Agency. This honours TeeGschwendner as a company that trains intensively and cooperates closely with the Employment Agency's employer service. The award of the training certificate honours the outstanding commitment to the promotion of young talent.

Green electricity

We generate a good part of the electricity we need at the head office via our solar power system from several construction phases. What else we need is, of course, green electricity! Every year we receive a certificate from our supplier for this and are happy to save a lot of CO2 in this way as well!!

... and even more

 ... could be listed here. Please take a look at our sustainability report, where you will find in-depth information on all topics related to sustainability and resource conservation.

Sustainability Report

Responsibility from cultivation to the tea cup

For many years, sustainable action has been a lived practice at TeeGschwendner. With our sustainability report, we document what we do concretely in terms of sustainable development for people and the environment. We see ourselves as having a responsibility from the origin of our beautiful product through the tea shops to the customer. Outstanding quality can only be guaranteed if excellence is demanded and promoted in all areas of the company.

Ever since Albert Gschwendner founded the company, acting responsibly in terms of people and nature has been an existential part of the corporate culture. And although this action has become so natural for us and still is today, the sustainability report represents a milestone in the company's history. In it, we show openly, clearly and transparently how TeeGschwendner understands sustainability, what we have already done and what steps we want to take in the future.

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