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Tea gifts are always presents with lots of good taste! Give special people tea specialities of particularly high quality. The recipient will enjoy an exclusive tea for a long time and, in addition to the exquisite taste, you will also be giving away moments of peace and relaxation. We will be happy to advise you on your choice at or by phone on 0 22 25 / 92 14 778.

No. 1699
Simply say "Thank You!"
A small gift to simply say thank you to those whose support you have experienced.  Order now and say "Thank you for being there for me"! (Greeting Card in German "Danke" ...
from €5.00*

(€50.00* / Kilogram)

No. 1698
Give love
Give love - from the heart, with sweet and cheerful passion fruit.This juicy, sweet and sour "Passion Fruit" tea is a refreshing surprise to enjoy an exotic little trip w...
from €5.40*

(€54.00* / Kilogram)

No. 1405
Sweet Serenity
Cheerful fruits and soothing herbs such as lavender, lemon balm and camomile make you forget your sorrows and worries in no time. Enjoy the day and relax in the evening -...
from €5.60*

(€56.00* / Kilogram)

No. 21014
Little Something
Ideal as a souvenir, instead of flowers or simply as a small "gift of joy". Marani - a stimulating green tea blend with an exotic fruity scent is the ideal start to the...
from €7.10*

No. 21042
Cherry on the Cake
The healthy South African named "Roibush" in a creamy composition with caramel and cream. Includes:100g Rooitea Cream Caramel No. 1312 1 candy stick white No. 3025 1 ca...
from €7.50*

No. 21035
Karl-Heinz Twilight Hour
2 ayurvedische Mischungen für Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden unprätentiös doch effektvoll präsentiert.
from €9.70*

No. 21005
Lucky Charm
The elegant silver tea caddy "Edmon 's" , filled with a delicious World Tea Champion "Earl Grey No. 69".
from €9.70*

No. 3490
The World of Tea (in German)
++++ "The World of Tea" won the silver medal of the GAD ("Gastronomische Akademie Deutschlands"). ++++ ++++ at the World Cookbook Award, this book was voted one of the be...
from €9.95*

No. 21034
Blaue Stunde mit Weihnachtstee
Eine besondere Komposition zur Weihnachtszeit! Typisch würzig-duftig ist jede Tasse unserer "Weihnachtstee Meistermischung ein kleines Geschenk.Stilvoll verpackt in der b...
from €10.10*

No. 21033
Earl Grey Lovers
Earl Grey No. 69 - World Tea Champion 2009 - and Earl Grey-candy sugar in bergamot pear syrup! An intense experience.
from €11.50*

No. 21010
Arabian Nights
Care for an Arabian Night? You won't rebuff with this gift.. .Includes: 100g Arabian Nights No. 901 1 teela-spoon 1 No. 3150 2 candy sticks No. 3025 1 tea measuring ...
from €12.20*

No. 20088
Karl-Heinz mit Kandissticks
Karl-Heinz mal richtig süß - so kennt man ihn nicht unbedingt :). 5 Kandissticks sorgen dafür, dass diese 100g Karl-Heinz bei jedem Teestündchen von sanfter Süße begleite...
from €12.20*

No. 20042
Aroma Black Tea Sampler
A sampler with four of the most popular Aroma Black Tea blends - topseller VANILLA, classic blend EARL GREY with citrus bergamot flavor, the exotic and sweet newcomer PIN...
from €12.45*

No. 20041
Rooitea Sampler
A sampler with four of the most popular blends of famous caffeine free Rooibush tea from South Africa. Includes: 50g No. 1302 Rooibush Tea ORGANIC 50g No. 1312 Rooit...
from €12.55*

No. 21157
Get well soon "Full fruit ahead"
A compassionate greeting to a sick friend or relative: With Pomegranate- Mint and Strawberry Moringa good mood comes in the teacup - and besides drinking a lot this is kn...
from €12.70*

No. 21121
Winter Tea Sampler
Enjoy a sampling of four of our most popular WinterTeas. The teas in this Sample Collection have been selected as prime examples of a range of winterly tastes. - No. 908 ...
from €13.00*

No. 21159
THANK YOU - "One for All"
Just say thank you - because after all, the motto among friends and family is: "One for all".Contains:- 1 bag of 125g herbal tea No. 1111 One for All  - 100g fruit tea No...
from €13.50*

No. 20043
Aroma Green Tea Sampler
A sampler with four of the most popular Aroma Green Tea blends - exotic, fruity topseller MARANI, NANGIJALA with vanilla flavor, PINK GRAPEFRUIT and traditional CHAI blen...
from €13.55*