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Oolong Tea

Oolong tea - also known as Wulong tea, Olong or Ulong tea - is characterised by its unique taste, which is somewhere between black and green tea. This is because the tea leaves only partially oxidise. The flavour depends on the degree of oxidation and tends to be more like black or more like green tea. Formosa, or Taiwan, is considered the country of origin of Oolong tea and still offers top qualities. But China, Nepal or Indonesia also produce excellent Oolong tea, which is in no way inferior to the original. This speciality tea is best prepared with filtered water so that its fine nuances of flavour are brought out to their best advantage.

No. 2713
Formosa Dong Fang Mei Ren
A specialty from Taiwan that is only produced during the summer months when cicadas roam the tea fields. The leaves develop an intense, honey-like aroma during this time....
from €6.55*

(€496.00* / Kilogram)

No. 1108
Natural focus organic
Now focus: A lovely, mildly roasted Oolong with a full-bodied note of cocoa.  The world is taking overhand once again, you are running from A to B and simply can’t concen...
from €7.90*

(€98.75* / Kilogram)

Bio-Anbau DE-ÖKO-013
No. 308
Nepal Oolong Jun Chiyabari organic
Charming Oolong from Nepal’s Dhankuta District. This mild, floral and slightly nutty, golden cup will not shy comparison with Taiwan’s famous Oolongs.
from €18.90*

(€189.00* / Kilogram)

Bio-Anbau DE-ÖKO-013
No. 670
Zealong Oolong organic
This tea has a lovely and floral touch, is velvety-soft and sweet, with literally a bouquet of the most beautiful of spring blossoms. The tightly rolled leaf seductively ...
from €22.80*

(€228.00* / Kilogram)

Bio-Anbau DE-ÖKO-013
No. 861
Java Oolong Barisan organic
This delicate, high quality Oolong from Indonesia is comparable to lighter Oolong styles from Taiwan. Skilled processing and high-altitude cultivation delivers a fragrant...
from €13.50*

(€135.00* / Kilogram)

Bio-Anbau DE-ÖKO-013
No. 630
Formosa Fancy Superior Oolong Taifu
Known as “Five Color Tea,” northern Taiwanese Oolongs are oxidized around roughly 60% and take on various hues of brown – from beige to sienna. The Taifu is a heady cup, ...
from €14.90*

(€149.00* / Kilogram)

No. 642
Renegade Oolong
A mythical creature whose realm exits between green and black tea. Ethereal and enchanting with an elegant floral bouquet. Masterfully and artfully partially fermented.
from €9.90*

(€198.00* / Kilogram)