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Chai - Coalition of tea & spices

Chai - spicy, cinnamony, wellness! 

By chai tea, we usually mean the Indian national drink masala chai. Throughout South Asia, masala chai is known as a blend based on strong black tea with intense spices and is preferably drunk with milk and sugar. The word combination masala chai roughly translates as spiced tea and refers to a special Indian tea preparation that has become very popular all over the world. 

 Chai according to Ayurveda 

 The origin of Indian chai (where chai simply means "tea" in Indian) lies in the holistic natural medicine of ancient India, Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda, classic spice blends such as our Mogli Chai stimulate the circulation and digestion and provide a sense of well-being through stimulating, warming elements. A little wellness trip at home!

Classic Chai!

No. 781
Indian Chai
from €5.50*

(€55.00* / Kilogram)

No. 943
Kashmir Khali-Kahwa™
from €7.70*

(€77.00* / Kilogram)

Classic and typically Indian! 

Our tea range includes several types of chai tea, which differ mainly in the use of different base teas. The classic is our Indian Chai in organic quality: strong, spicy and typically Indian. The round blend of strong black tea, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves and pepper tastes particularly good with a good dash of milk and a little sugar, depending on taste. 

 Kashmir Khali-Kahwa means "nice, good cup" in the Indian language. In addition to black tea and the classic chai spices, a green tea base and orange peel are also used here. Particularly fruity and tangy!

Chai without caffeine

No. 1305
Rooibos African Chai
from €5.50*

(€55.00* / Kilogram)

No. 1269
Mogli Chai
from €6.30*

(€63.00* / Kilogram)

No. 1279
Chocolate Enlightenment™ organic
from €5.50*

(€73.33* / Kilogram)

Bio-Anbau DE-Ă–KO-013

Pumpkin Chai 

No. 1651

(€63.00* / Kilogram)

Pumpkin Chai 

Pumpkin is definitely one of the most popular (fruit) vegetables in kitchens around the world. Its many uses make pumpkin an exciting ingredient for dishes and drinks. Sweet-smelling pumpkin pieces give the spicy chai tea a pleasantly mild note and set the mood wonderfully for autumn and winter. Black tea and rooibos form the mildly spicy base for our pumpkin chai, which is enriched with cinnamon, aniseed, orange peel and pumpkin pieces as well as cloves, ginger, fine flavouring, cardamom seeds and pepper. Even beyond the cold season, this mildly spicy combination fascinates the palate and ensures cosy tea moments.

Cinnamon (top left), cardamom (bottom left) and pepper are integral parts of classic chai tea

Ingredients for a real chai tea 

There is no universal recipe for chai in India, nor is there a set method of preparation. Almost every family has its own, well-kept recipe and prepares chai in a special way. In general, however, Indian chai always consists of a combination of the following ingredients: 

  • A strong black tea, the flavour of which should still be recognisable even after the spices and sweeteners have been added 
  • Sweetener, for example white or brown sugar, caramelised sugar or honey 
  • Hot milk 
  • Spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, peppercorns and cloves are often used 

The preparation varies depending on the recipe. Tea and spices are often boiled with water in a pot and left to simmer for around five minutes. The chai is then poured through a sieve into a pot or large cup and refined with milk and sweetener. In other methods, milk and sugar are added to the pot after boiling, the chai mixture is brought to the boil again and then left on the cooker for a few minutes to infuse before being poured through a sieve.

Simply homemade: Chai latte 

Do-it-yourself: Preparing chai with frothed milk - chai latte - is very simple. Firstly, the chai is prepared in the usual way - in a pot or jug - and then poured into a large glass or mug. The container is then filled with frothed, ideally warmed milk. Masala powder is often used as a topping, but cocoa powder also works well in terms of flavour. Although ready-made chai latte powder is sold on a large scale, it often contains sugar or other sweeteners in addition to the ground tea and spices. We therefore recommend the traditional (and much more flavourful!) preparation with loose tea and spices, where you can determine the degree of sweetness yourself. By the way: Chai tea and especially chai latte can also be enjoyed wonderfully cold! For the ice-cold version, simply put ice cubes in a large glass, pour the prepared chai over them and you have a delicious refreshment for hot summer days!

Chai Recipes
Anything goes!

Chai not only tastes delicious on its own, but is also suitable as a base for various other sweet and savoury recipes. How about a strong East Frisian chai, for example? Or a pumpkin and blood orange chai, suitable for Halloween? Chai also proves to be an all-round talent when combined with mild and tangy matcha tea. In addition to various drinks, chai also adds a special flavour to desserts, such as our Mogli chai muffins. 
We have compiled these and other chai recipes in our tea recipe blog.

Kashmir Khali-Kahwa

Cosy and warming with plenty of spice

Rooibos Chai

Delicious caffeine-free rooibos chai

Green Mogli Chai

Stimulating matcha meets spicy chai

East Frisian-Chai

Strong black with vanilla and spices

Chai Muffins

Chai - honey - chocolate: Best muffin!

Pumpkin blood orange chai 

Sweet and sour - perfect for Halloween