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TeaGschwendner stands for the best teas, but also holds a range of practical accessories for preparing tea like paper tea filters or stainless steel tea caddies, tea mugs, tea glasses, tea cups and teapots made of fine porcelain or glass. You will also find candy sugar, cane sugar or fine chocolates made with original TeaGschwendner teas.

Tea Boxes

Our high-quality metal tea boxes offer optimal protection for your tea and are also a brilliant eye-catcher on any tea shelf! 
No. 4114
100g Edmon's Gold Tin
from €4.20*

No. 4115
100g Edmon's Silver Tin
from €4.20*

Infusion pot TGTea

This stylish glass pot is an infuser and serving pot in one! The round design offers loose tea plenty of space for optimal flavour development.
No. 6202
Infusion pot TGTea 1.5l
from €18.90*

Tea Chocolate

Chocolate and tea is simply a great combination! The chocolate manufacturer Georgia Ramon has combined our tea with melt-in-the-mouth chocolate in three delicious varieties.
No. 3057
Tea Chocolate Georgia Ramon "Earl Grey" Organic
from €6.00*

(€120.00* / Kilogram)

No. 3056
Tea Chocolate Georgia Ramon "Matcha" Organic
from €6.00*

(€120.00* / Kilogram)

No. 3058
Tea Chocolate Georgia Ramon "Rooibos African Chai"
from €6.00*

(€120.00* / Kilogram)

Discover Tea Accessories

As always, go to our categories in the top navigation - or simply select from the entire range using the filters here.

No. 4736
"Arco" Saucer
This white porcelain saucer is the perfect complement to the "Arco" Tea Cup (No. 4737) 14 cm (5.5 in.) diameter
from €5.65*

No. 4735
"Arco" Tea Cup
Simply wonderful, this cup from the white TeaGschwendner porcelain series. Enjoying tea from this beautifully shaped, classic tea cup pleases both the eye and the tongue....
from €7.65*

No. 3221
"Bombilha" Mate Drinking Pipe
This stainless steel straw is topped with a built in strainer to allow the drinker to sip from the "Cuia" without drinking the Maté leaves. 19 cm (7.48 in.)
from €9.90*

No. 13111
"Chasen" Japanese Bamboo Whisk
This traditional, fine Bamboo Whisk is designed for the Japanese Tea Ceremony and is used with the Matcha Basin (No. 13112).
from €16.90*

No. 3220
"Cuia" Mate Drinking Vessel
This gourd is the traditional drinking vessel for Mate, the South American Herbal Tea. 0.35 liters (11.8 oz)The Mate drinking vessel (also called Cuia) ia made of a small...
from €13.90*

No. 4510
"Elise" Saucer
This saucer for the gracefully designed, classical white bone china tea cup "Elise" made of Fine Bone China is the perfect combination of elegance and durability. 
from €7.50*

No. 4509
"Elise" Tea Cup 0.18 l
This gracefully designed, classical white bone china tea cup with saucer holds 0.18 liters of tea. The perfect combination of elegance and durability.  The saucer ...
from €9.90*

No. 4500
"Elise" Teapot 1.0 l
This gracefully designed, classical white bone china teapot holds 1.0 liters of tea. The perfect combination of elegance and durability.
from €54.90*

No. 4504
"Elise" Teapot Warmer
Fits the Elise teapot No. 4500 and 4502.
from €25.90*

No. 3007
"Kluntinchen" Rock Sugar
The brother of "Kluntje" Rock sugar is smaller in shape but made of the same finest candy sugar. Only the highest quality sugar solutions are used to produce white can...
from €3.10*

(€8.86* / Kilogram)