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Welcome to our Edmon's Sophisticated Tea Selection. Some moments call for teas of exceptional quality. Connoisseurs will delight in our Edmon’s collection, an assortment of sublime, boutique teas from around the globe. What makes these selections so very special? They are rare, produced in tiny batches. Many are originals, representing the first time a particular style or type has ever been produced in a certain region. Their taste is exceptional and defines its class. In other words, you will be hard pressed to find this level of achievement anywhere else in the world of tea. The rapturous description that accompanies each tea is not the result of careful consideration, but rather of the spontaneous, delighted reactions we heard from our Tea Tasters.

No. 2268
China Keemun Black Mao Feng Imperial
This specialty comes from the province of Keemun (Quimen) in southern China. Only the most tender shoots are picked and processed. With an intense and enchanting characte...
from €2.41*

(€199.00* / Kilogram)

No. 2267
China Premium Pi Lo Chun organic
A classic among Chinese green teas, the "Jade Spiral of Spring" is easily recognized by its uniquely special leaf structure, consisting of gently curled leaves and numero...
from €3.93*

(€299.00* / Kilogram)

Bio-Anbau DE-ÖKO-013
No. 2204
China Yunnan Mao Cha organic
Mao Cha is considered to be the preliminary stage of classic Sheng Pu Erh. As a pan-roasted green tea, it is usually pressed into round patties or bricks to then mature i...
from €3.51*

(€266.00* / Kilogram)

Bio-Anbau DE-ÖKO-013
No. 2906
Columbia White Tea Especial organic
At almost 2,000m altitude is Colombia's only tea garden! With great enthusiasm for new things, the Teamakers dare to try unique and unusual types of tea. Here, for exampl...
from €3.90*

(€296.00* / Kilogram)

Bio-Anbau DE-ÖKO-013
No. 2477
Darjeeling Mystic Balasun Second Flush
Established in 1871, the Balasun Tea Garden was named after the nearby river. The altitude ranges from an astounding 365m to 1375m above sea level, offering a wide variet...
from €4.26*

(€298.00* / Kilogram)

No. 2455
Darjeeling Singell Summer Blossom Second Flush, organic
Located in the so-called "Land of the White Orchids" in southern Darjeeling, this traditional garden delivers a textbook example of Second Flush. A mahogany colored cup w...
from €5.20*

(€394.00* / Kilogram)

Bio-Anbau DE-ÖKO-013
No. 2713
Formosa Dong Fang Mei Ren
A specialty from Taiwan that is only produced during the summer months when cicadas roam the tea fields. The leaves develop an intense, honey-like aroma during this time....
from €6.55*

(€496.00* / Kilogram)

No. 2907
Formosa Pouchong Oolong org
A classic from Oolong Island! Also called Bao Zhong, the best qualities of this tea are found in northern Taiwan. Carefully oxidized and very delicate, it is more reminis...
from €7.02*

(€486.00* / Kilogram)

Bio-Anbau DE-ÖKO-013
No. 2327
Japan Shincha Ôsumi organic
Known for its caves, waterfalls and gorges, the Ôsumi peninsula in Kagoshima has produced highquality tea at altitudes of up to 500m for over 100 years. The Tsuyuhikari b...
from €4.26*

(€298.00* / Kilogram)

Bio-Anbau DE-ÖKO-013
No. 2648
Nepal Buddhibal's Best organic
Traditional craftsmanship meets young teaplants bursting with vigor and the power of spring - an extraordinary pleasure for the palate! A beguiling and delightfully flora...
from €4.83*

(€321.33* / Kilogram)

No. 2669
Nepal Jun Chiyabari hand rolled tips organic
Located in East Nepal and run by the two Giyawali brothers, this exceptional garden has been consistently producing top quality since 2001. This season's harvest is no ex...
from €4.20*

(€318.00* / Kilogram)

Bio-Anbau DE-ÖKO-013
No. 2622
Nepal SFTGFOP1 Sunderpani Delight First Flush organic
When Buddhibal Rai once again unfolds its spring magic and the most delicate aromas of the new year are brought forth from the fresh leaves, even master Tea Tasters stop ...
from €3.92*

(€297.00* / Kilogram)

Bio-Anbau DE-ÖKO-013
No. 2671
Nepal Siddha Devi Curls
Andrew Gardner is a tea wizard from Nepal. Having already been a consultant to exceptional gardens such as Jun Chiyabari, he now offers this beguiling and beautiful sprin...
from €3.25*

(€246.00* / Kilogram)

No. 2714
Rwanda Karongi OP1 "Patrick's Delight"
The tea garden of the Mutangana family is located at an altitude of almost 2,000 m. Despite being a predominantly CTC tea country, Patrick, the son of the founder, has bu...
from €1.64*

(€124.00* / Kilogram)

No. 2672
Sophisticated Blend No 1 Amber Highlands
This is our tea taster's first finely tuned assemblage to appear in our exclusive Edmons line. Honey-sweet golden tips mingled with lavishly fragrant highland teas create...
from €1.93*

(€160.83* / Kilogram)

No. 2661
South India Havukal Frost Tea Winter Flush
Havukal is picturesquely situated at over 1,800m in the Nilgiri Mountains where tea bushes were first planted in 1910. Since 2003, the Jayaram family has been cultivating...
from €2.97*

(€225.00* / Kilogram)

No. 2670
South India SFTGFOP Korakundah organic
Located in the Nilgiris, the Korakundah Garden is home to one of the world's highest peaks where tea is known to grow. The tea bushes originate in China and, they were br...
from €2.63*