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Green tea sampler Nr. 20008
Green tea sampler
Enjoy a sampling of four of our most popular Green Classic Teas....
(€94.00* Base Price)
Japan Bancha Bio Nr. 701
Japan Bancha organic
Bancha – “coarse tea” – hardly deserves its humble name. Plucked in...
(€59.00* Base Price)
Japan Genmaicha Bio Nr. 703
Japan Genmaicha organic
No inferior tea here – our Genmaicha is made with high quality...
(€82.00* Base Price)
organic Japan Gyokuro Nr. 720
Japan Gyokuro organic
The advent of spring heralds this elite “Jade Dew” tea that is...
(€298.00* Base Price)
Japan Gyokuro Kukicha Bio Nr. 716
Japan Gyokuro Kukicha Organic
Intensly shaded, juicy-green needle leaf combined with filigree...
(€189.00* Base Price)
Japan Kabuse-cha organic Nr. 718
Japan Kabuse-cha (covered tea)
A stunning, emerald First Flush Green tea harvested in early June....
(€197.00* Base Price)
Japan Kukicha Extra Nr. 715
Japan Kukicha Extra Organic
This specialty is made of tea leaves and light-colored leaf stalks...
(€134.00* Base Price)
Japan Sencha Bio Nr. 700
Japan Sencha organic
A splendid introduction to Japanese Green Tea, this straightforward...
(€84.00* Base Price)
Japan Sencha in pyramid tea bag Nr. 8633
Japan Sencha organic (MasterBag Mug Pyramid)...
Japanese classic, brisk and clearly defined. Contens per box: 15...
Box of 15 Bags
(€231.67* Base Price)
Japan Sencha Extra Fine Bio Nr. 705
Japan Sencha Extra Fine Organic
A high-grade Sencha that delights even the most passionate green...
(€129.00* Base Price)
Japan Shincha Yakushima Nr. 2320
Japan Shincha Yakushima organic
Yakushima is a fairytale island of millennial cedars, and due to a...
(€305.83* Base Price)