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Aktion Nepal Schwarztee im 1 kg Vorteilspack Nr. 394
Nepal Initiative FTGFOP First Flush Organic (1 Kg)
A mellow, flowery and fragrant cuvée from the heart of the...
Aktion Nepal Schwarztee in der 250 g Packung Nr. 392
Nepal Initiative FTGFOP First Flush Organic (250g)
A mellow, flowery and fragrant cuvée from the heart of the...
(€34.00* Base Price)
Golden Nepal Nr. 300
Golden Nepal
An airy, spicy, fresh, aromatic composition produced in small...
(€62.00* Base Price)
Nepal Rarity Second Flush Nr. 363
Nepal FTGFOP Rarity Second Flush
Quite a few selected tea gardens delivering small amounts of tea...
(€81.00* Base Price)
Nepal SFTGFOP Ilam Valley Nr. 365
Nepal SFTGFOP Ilam Valley Second Flush Organic
Well-balanced mildly spicy Second Flush, pleasantly fresh cup,...
(€107.00* Base Price)
Teebild Nepal Mystic Shangri La BIO Nr. 376
Nepal SFTGFOP1 Mystic Shangri La Second Flush...
Velvety, nutty and exquisite. Top Second Flush from the paradise of...
(€166.00* Base Price)
Black tea Nepal Second Flush Nr. 381
Airfreighted Nepal SFTGFOP1 Second Flush
Exquisite Second Flush, nutty in flavor, from the top tea garden of...
(€163.00* Base Price)
black tea from Nepal Sunderpani First Flush organic Nr. 303
Nepal SFTGFOP1 Sunderpani First Flush Organic
Enchanting First Flush produced by smallholders of Ilam, flowery...
(€93.00* Base Price)
Nepal Hope Autumnal Schwarztee Nr. 385
Nepal TGFOP Hope Autumnal Organic
Delightfully flavorful, aromatic autumnal crop, richly nuanced,...
(€68.00* Base Price)
North India Manjhee Valley Nr. 360
North India SFTGFOP1 Manjhee Valley First Flush
In the northwest corner of India lies the mile-high Manjhee Valley,...
(€95.00* Base Price)
Black Tea Set for Beginners Nr. 20015
Black Tea Sampler
The teas in this Sample Collection have been selected as prime...