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Fruit Tea

Fruit tisanes can be as diverse as the produce aisle of your local grocery store. Pleasantly tangy and boldly fruity, they often brew up a bright crimson red in the cup and make delicious iced teas. The classic ingredients of any Fruit tisane are vitamin C-rich hibiscus, rose hips, apple, lemon and orange. A fruity, fine acidic, bright red infusion and a refreshing, healthy cup are the delights of fruit tea lovers.

No. 1400
Tart hibiscus joined by the cherry-like açerola fruit. This sweet, sour flavor is enhanced by candied pineapple and papaya pieces. Excellent hot and incredible iced.

(€38.00* / Kilogram)

No. 1403
Apple Lemon Extra
A bold, brisk apple-lemon flavor.

(€41.00* / Kilogram)

Bio-Anbau DE-ÖKO-013
No. 1418
Blood Orange organic
Fresh and fruity yet pleasantly mild with the flavor of juicy blood oranges.

(€53.00* / Kilogram)

Bio-Anbau DE-ÖKO-013
No. 8651
Blood Orange organic (MasterBag Glas Pyramid)
Fresh and fruity yet pleasantly mild with the flavor of juicy blood oranges.Contents per box: 12 pyramid bags of 3,6g each

(€129.63* / Kilogram)

Bio-Anbau DE-ÖKO-013
No. 1414
This classic composition relies upon an insistent note of exotic, highly aromatic vanilla.

(€38.00* / Kilogram)

No. 1489
Candy Apple Tea
The unmistakable taste of tart apples and sweet caramel combine for a pleasant reminder of crisp fall days. Excellent hot or iced.

(€38.00* / Kilogram)

No. 1446
Cherry-Banana Flip
A perfect match! Fruity and sweet cherry meets lovely banana.

(€44.00* / Kilogram)

No. 1664
A fruity orange-chocolate flavor, mostly known for sweets, is now available as a fruit tea. Be ready to explore a pleasantly mild cup of sweets that is guaranteed low in ...

(€56.00* / Kilogram)

No. 1422
A power-blend of fruit and berries with cranberry flavor.

(€41.00* / Kilogram)

No. 1451
Dragon Fruit
Dragon Fruit, while dramatically exotic in appearance, is mildly familiar in taste, with notes of strawberry and kiwi. This iced blend captures the colorful spirit of thi...

(€43.00* / Kilogram)

No. 101429
Elephant Fun-Tea
Elephant's favorite tea blend with its cheerful citrus flavor guarantees a daily dose of good vibes and cheeky ideas. A cup of sunshine for kids age 3 to 99!

(€49.00* / Kilogram)

Bio-Anbau DE-ÖKO-013
No. 1614
Fig rosé
Mild and fruity dates enveloped in delicate rosé are seducing the senses - a sweet temptation for eyes and palate.

(€58.00* / Kilogram)

No. 1435
Fruit Paradise
Fresh strawberry and apricot create a sophisticated blend sure to please your senses.

(€44.00* / Kilogram)

No. 21120
Fruit Tea Samples
3 Fruit Tea Samples, each for preparing half a litre of quality Fruit Tea. Get to know 3 different flavors of the caffeine free favorite drink for kids.- 1 sample No. 140...

No. 1437
Wild berry yogurt flavor.

(€39.00* / Kilogram)

No. 1454
Kids´ Fruit Tea
A light and bright composition of fruits, pleasantly sweet in flavor.

(€36.00* / Kilogram)

No. 1499
Magic Flute
Like the sound of the Magic Flute that draws in Pamina, beckons this sweet-and-tangy fruit tea blend with its magical lemon scent.

(€39.00* / Kilogram)

No. 1616
In contrast, yet a surprisingly harmonious blend: Alphonso-Mangos full of ripe fruitiness and spicy aromatic rosemary.