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Assam Jamguri Second Flush Biotee Nr. 107
Assam CTC BOP1 Jamguri Second Flush
A rich and invigoratingly spicy, full-bodied tea from the Nagaon...
(€45.00* Base Price)
Assam FOP Second Flush Nr. 135
Assam FOP Second Flush
A Flowery Orange Pekoe leaf with a spicy, thick, aromatic, dark red...
(€46.00* Base Price)
Assam Mangalam Second Flush Nr. 150
Assam FTGFOP1 Mangalam Second Flush
Golden tips evoke the hot sun of the early June Second Flush...
(€82.00* Base Price)
Assam Nr. 4 Heeleakah Second Flush Nr. 145
Assam No. 4 TGFOP Heeleakah Second Flush
Brace for this ideal whole leaf breakfast tea. Honest, buttery...
(€61.00* Base Price)
Assam Nr. 5 Boisahabi Malty Second Flush Nr. 125
Assam No. 5 TGBOP Boisahabi Malty
Don’t let the small leaves fool you! This coppery red and biscuity...
(€63.00* Base Price)
Assam Tonga Nr. 154
Assam SFTGBOP Tonga Second Flush, organic
Golden times for organic production. Such a classy, authentic,...
(€99.00* Base Price)
Assam Marangi Second Flush Nr. 160
Assam SFTGFOP1 Marangi Second Flush
A sophisticated selection serving notice that perfection is always...
(€131.00* Base Price)
Assam Mokalbari Second Flush Nr. 155
Assam SFTGFOP 1 Mokalbari Second Flush
Situated on the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra River, the...
(€115.00* Base Price)
Assam Hattialli Second Flush Nr. 153
Assam STGBOP Hattfield Second Flush
A beautiful sight! The dark chocolate broken leaves sparkle with a...
(€85.00* Base Price)
Assam Ananda Second Flush Bio Nr. 148
Assam TGFOP1 Ananda Second Flush
“Ananda” translates to “bliss” – a state of mind that this charming...
(€68.00* Base Price)
Assam Tonga in pyramid tea bag Nr. 8630
Assam Tonga, organic (MasterBag Mug Pyramid)
Strong black tea, fullbodied Assam flavor. Contents per box: 15...
Box of 15 Bags
(€231.67* Base Price)
MasterBag Pot Assam Mangalam Nr. 8500
MB Assam Mangalam (Pot)
Full bodied, spicy
Box of 20 Bags
(€116.67* Base Price)
MasterBag Pot English Breakfast Nr. 8503
English Breakfast
Dark color in the cup, fullbodied and spicy.
Box of 20 Bags
(€116.67* Base Price)
Ostfriesentee im MasterBag Kanne Nr. 8506
MB East Frisian Tea (Pot)
This hearty blend of robust Assam teas is enjoyed in Northern...
Box of 20 Bags
(€116.67* Base Price)
East Frisian Leaf Blend Nr. 185
East Frisian Leaf Blend
The full leaf version of our beloved broken blend is just a touch...
(€55.00* Base Price)
East Frisian Broken Blend Nr. 180
East Frisian Broken Blend
This hearty blend of robust Assam teas is enjoyed in Northern...
(€44.00* Base Price)
Black Tea Set for Beginners Nr. 20015
Black Tea Sampler
The teas in this Sample Collection have been selected as prime...