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Sencha is very popular among German green tea lovers and has enjoyed increasing consumption in recent years. Not only Sencha from Japan is drunk frequently and with pleasure, but other growing regions have also been able to conquer a place in the hearts of German Sencha lovers. The most popular is probably the South Korean Seogwang Sencha, whose jade-green, intensely fruity cup can convince even non-green tea drinkers. But the Sencha classic from Japan is also highly appreciated by German tea lovers, as is the Chinese variant China Superior Sencha.


No. 11111
Edmon´s Silver Tin with Japan Sencha Extra Fine
Stylish gift! The high-quality Japanese tea in the Edmon's tin, which is already packaging enough. A discreet bow completes the high-quality gift for green tea lovers. Th...


No. 705
Japan Sencha Extra Fine Organic
A high-grade Sencha that delights even the most passionate green tea fans. Fullbodied character, light, fragrant, fresh and aromatic. A complex and satisfying cup.


(€129.00* / Kilogram)

Bio-Anbau DE-ÖKO-013
No. 8510
Japan Sencha organic
An extremely popular Japanese classic. Invigoratingly fresh and distinct. Light green infusion.


(€116.67* / Kilogram)

Bio-Anbau DE-ÖKO-013
No. 700
Japan Sencha organic
A splendid introduction to Japanese Green Tea, this straightforward selection will satisfy your curiosities. Brisk and full-bodied with the characteristic notes of spinac...


(€84.00* / Kilogram)

Bio-Anbau DE-ÖKO-013
No. 8633
Japan Sencha organic (MasterBag Mug Pyramid) organic
Japanese classic, brisk and clearly defined.Contens per box: 15 pyramid bags of 2g each


(€231.67* / Kilogram)

Bio-Anbau DE-ÖKO-013
No. 913
Sencha Aronia Grapefruit
The homegrown superfood chokeberry meets the "queen of citrus fruits". This exotic liaison and a mild Sencha is as fruity as it sounds! 


(€58.00* / Kilogram)

No. 983
Sencha Claus™
A sumptuous almond pastry profile that is not to be left off any list. A nimble contrast to the heavier flavors of the season, Sencha Claus delights in warm, spicy sweetn...


(€63.00* / Kilogram)

No. 979
Sencha Sleepless Organic
Ready, set, go! Green tea, Mate und Guarana will give you a real kick!


(€63.00* / Kilogram)

Bio-Anbau DE-ÖKO-013
No. 591
South Korea Seogwang Sencha
This vitalizing top-notch Sencha hails from the up and coming tea growing district of Seogwang. Jade green in the cup – with a hint of fruitiness to balance the intense ...


(€154.00* / Kilogram)

Bio-Anbau DE-ÖKO-013