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Assam Dejoo Second Flush Nr. 2619
Assam STGFOP1 Dejoo Second Flush
The tea garden Dejoo is known for its natural forests within and on...
(€326.67* Base Price)
Chinesischer Grüntee China An ji Bai Cha Nr. 2226
China An Ji Bai Cha
This tea specialty from the district of An Ji may almost be called...
(€371.67* Base Price)
Grüntee Lung Ching First Flush Nr. 2259
China Lung Ching First Flush
Nearby the city Hangzhou lies the village of “Lung Ching” where the...
(€217.50* Base Price)
Pai Mu Tan Weißer Tee Nr. 2261
China Pai Mu Tan Imperial
In search of tea specialities, we found a particulary high-quality...
(€188.33* Base Price)
Grüner Drachenkugel-Tee aus China Nr. 2222
China Yunnan Mao Feng Lung Chu
In springtime only the youngest and most delicate shoots of the tea...
(€240.00* Base Price)
Weißer Drachenkugel-Tee Nr. 2221
China Yunnan Moonlight Lung Chu
The name Moonlight alludes to the appearance of the tea leaves:...
(€240.00* Base Price)
Darjeeling Phuguri Supreme Second Flush Nr. 2464
Darjeeling FTGFOP1 Tippy Clonal Phuguri Second...
In this most idyllic of locations we find the Phuguri garden in...
(€352.31* Base Price)
Darjeeling Singbulli Gold Second Flush Nr. 2475
Darjeeling Singbulli Gold Second Flush
Founded in 1924, Singbulli Garden is one of Darjeeling's younger...
(€302.31* Base Price)
Loser Tee Havukal Winter Frost Tea Nr. 2661
Havukal Winter Frost Tea
At an altitude of 1800 meters, winters at the South Indian tea...
(€227.50* Base Price)
Bio Schwarztee aus Japan: Japan Black Asatsuyu Nr. 2317
Japan Black Asatsuyu
The island Yakushima in the far south of Japan is a tiny island. On...
(€435.83* Base Price)
Japan Sencha Asanoka Nr. 2316
Japan Sencha Asanoka
In Miyazaki Prefecture, on the volcanic island Kyûshû the Morimoto...
(€714.55* Base Price)
Japan Superior Fukamushi Nr. 2318
Japan Superior Fukamushi
Mr. Sageishi from Miyazaki Prefecture is a true expert when it...
(€783.08* Base Price)
Schwarztee Nepal Top of the World Nr. 2911
Nepal Top of the World
Buddhibal Rai, factory manager of Ghorka Tea Estate, made this...
(€343.33* Base Price)