Flugtee Darjeeling Soom First Flush Bio Nr. 233
Airfreighted Darjeeling FTGFOP1 Soom First Flush
Among the most respected names in Darjeeling First Flush, Soom...
(€199.00* Base Price)
airfreighted tea fNepal Jun Chiyabari First Flush Nr. 307
Airfreighted Nepal SFTGFOP1 Jun Chiyabari First...
A simply magical spring crop, delicately fresh and enchantingly...
(€177.00* Base Price)
Airfreighted Nepal Sunderpani First Flush organic Nr. 306
Airfreighted Nepal SFTGFOP1 Sunderpani First...
The most beautiful outcome so far, result of the combined efforts...
(€139.00* Base Price)
Airfreighted North India Manjhee Valley First Flush Nr. 370
Airfreighted North India SFTGFOP1 Kangra Valley...
Seasoned tea maker Abhai Singh has worked his magic once again,...
(€123.00* Base Price)
Japan Shincha Kirisakura First Flush Bio Nr. 723
Japan Shincha Kirisakura First Flush organic
"Cherry blossom in the mist" is true Japanese craftsmanship as far...
(€415.00* Base Price)
Japan Shincha Shimoyama First Flush Bio Nr. 722
Japan Shincha Shimoyama First Flush organic
Every year the first shiny shade-grown teas make tea lovers hearts...
(€349.00* Base Price)
Schwarztee Nepal Second Flush Nr. 381
Airfreighted Nepal SFTGFOP1 Second Flush Organic
The finest summer harvest from organic cultivation. Nutty and...
(€173.00* Base Price)