Bio Earl Grey Tee Nr. 938
Earl Grey organic
Fine South Indian Black teas blended with rare Italian bergamot oil...
(€62.00* Base Price)
Earl Grey Imperior Nr. 923
Earl Grey Imperior
A superior Earl Grey composed of high quality First Flush...
(€59.00* Base Price)
Earl Grey Noblesse Nr. 918
Earl Grey Lavender
A blend of fine Black teas from South India accented with premium...
(€59.00* Base Price)
Earl Grey no. 69 Nr. 922
Earl Grey no. 69
A blend of the finest Black teas heavy with first-rate bergamot...
(€47.00* Base Price)
Earl Grey Lady's Violet Nr. 935
Earl Grey's Lady Violet
The subtle scent of citrus-fresh bergamot blends softly with First...
(€59.00* Base Price)
English Breakfast Tea Nr. 750
English Breakfast Tea
A brilliant interpretation of a classic. This harmonious blend of...
(€43.00* Base Price)
English Five o'clock Tea Nr. 755
English Five o´clock Tea
These CTC (Cut-Tear-Curl) leaves infuse quickly, just in time for a...
(€39.00* Base Price)
O'Sullivan's Favourite Nr. 762
O’Sullivan’s Favorite™
The Irish are among the most prolific tea drinkers in the world,...
(€36.00* Base Price)
East Frisian Leaf Blend Nr. 185
East Frisian Leaf Blend
The full leaf version of our beloved broken blend is just a touch...
(€55.00* Base Price)
East Frisian Broken Blend Nr. 180
East Frisian Broken Blend
This hearty blend of robust Assam teas is enjoyed in Northern...
(€44.00* Base Price)
Royal Breakfast Tea Nr. 749
Royal Breakfast Tea
A blend of Black Teas from Assam, Himalaya, and Ceylon regions,...
(€47.00* Base Price)
Russian Samovar Tea Nr. 739
Russian Samovar Tea
A blend of Ceylon, Chinese and Indian teas with the mild notes of...
(€43.00* Base Price)
Thiele Tea Broken Old Gold Nr. 175
Thiele Tea Broken Old Gold
Best East Frisian blend, the sunday tea, top variety from Assam,...
(€53.60* Base Price)
Thiele Tea Broken Silver Nr. 170
Thiele Tea Broken Silver
The most popular tea in East Frisia. Strong, spicy, malty and rich...
(€33.20* Base Price)