China Fancy White Peony Nr. 532
China Fancy White Peony Organic
An inspiring “New Style” Chinese White tea hailing from Fuding...
(€144.00* Base Price)
China Pai Mu Tan Bio Nr. 531
China Pai Mu Tan Organic
Plucked from one of Fujian’s finest gardens, this refined,...
(€116.00* Base Price)
China Yin Zhen Tee Nr. 517
China Yin Zhen Organic
Queen of White Tea is the Silver Needle which to this day stands...
(€295.00* Base Price)
Loser Tee Südindien White Havukal Nr. 344
South India White Havukal
A persuasive exotic White tea from the South of India! With its...
(€85.00* Base Price)