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Tea gift Arabian nights Nr. 21010
Arabian Nights
Care for an Arabian Night? You won't rebuff with this gift.. ....
gift set
Ayurveda set for beginners Nr. 21106
Ayurveda Starter Set
Discover the wisdom of Ayurveda - the knowledge of life, practiced...
gift set
Tee Nr. 21505
Ayurveda Tea - Balm for the Soul
Well-being — can you give something more beautiful? 3 boxes of...
Fruit tea present Triple fruity Nr. 21109
Triple fruity
Triple joy with three bestsellers from TeaGschwendner's fruit tea...
gift set
Earl Grey Tee-Präsent Nr. 21033
Earl Grey Lovers
Earl Grey No. 69 - World Tea Champion 2009 - and Earl Grey-candy...
tea gift with rooitea cream caramel Nr. 21042
Cherry on the Cake
The healthy South African named "Roibush" in a creamy composition...
gift set
Tea Gift with Ceylon tea Nr. 21095
Edmon´s Gold Tin with Ceylon Nuwara Eliya
400g of the brisk, fresh and aromatic highland specialty from...
gift set
Fruity Fun Nr. 21009
Fruity Fun
Triple power from fruits : From natures cornucopia our Tea Tasters...
Gift Card 25 Euros by TeaGschwendner Nr. 3501
Gift Card 25 EUR
The TeaGschwendner gift vouchers - give the gift of tea! With the...
TeaGschwendner Gift Card for 50 Euros Nr. 3502
Gift Card 50 EUR
The TeaGschwendner gift vouchers - give the gift of tea! With the...
Tea gitf with Earl Grey black tea Nr. 21005
Lucky Charm
The elegant silver tea caddy "Edmon 's" , filled with a delicious...
tea gift with green tea Nepal Ilam Mao Feng Nr. 21090
Edmon´s Gold Tin with Nepal Ilam Mao Feng
100g of the green novelty "Nepal Ilam Mao Feng" - an exclusive top...
Green heroes of winter Nr. 21151
Green heroes of winter
These two teas help us heroically through the winter and Christmas...
Aroma Green Tea Sampler Nr. 20043
Aroma Green Tea Sampler
A sampler with four of the most popular Aroma Green Tea blends -...
Green tea sampler Nr. 20008
Green tea sampler
Enjoy a sampling of four of our most popular Green Classic Teas....
(€89.75* Base Price)
Tea gift with three ginger teas Nr. 20116
Ginger, ginger, ginger!
Three times gingery warmth, three times sweet-sharp stimulation....
Tea gift Little Something Nr. 21014
Little Something
Ideal as a souvenir, instead of flowers or simply as a small "gift...
gift set
Teegeschenk mit Nashornschutz-Tee Assam Kaziranga Nr. 11290
Rhino protection with tea (NABU)
Tea presents can be so useful: With this fine, authentic organic...
tea gift with two NABU project teas Nr. 21150
Tea for Environmental Protection
A tea set for the benefit of the environment and nature. Delicious...
tea gift Pas de deux Nr. 21105
Pas de deux
An extraordinary duet: Earl Grey and Black tea vanilla in tune with...
Rooibos Starter Kit Nr. 20041
Rooitea Sampler
A sampler with four of the most popular blends of famous caffeine...
Delicious Rooitea Nr. 11337
Delicious Rooitea
Our two seasonal rooibush highlights "Winter Magic" and "Apple...
Scent of Roses Nr. 21144
Scent of Roses
The pleasant and at the same time refreshingly fragrant First Flush...
Aroma Black Tea Sampler Nr. 20042
Aroma Black Tea Sampler
A sampler with four of the most popular Aroma Black Tea blends -...
Black Tea Set for Beginners Nr. 20015
Black Tea Sampler
The teas in this Sample Collection have been selected as prime...
Tea gift with Japan Sencha Extra Fine Nr. 11111
Edmon´s Silver Tin with Japan Sencha Extra Fine
Stylish gift! The high-quality Japanese tea in the Edmon's tin,...