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Tea gift Arabian nights Nr. 21010
Arabian Nights
Care for an Arabian Night? You won't rebuff with this gift.. ....
Tee-Präsent DANKE Nr. 21159
THANK YOU - "One for All"
Just say thank you - because after all, the motto among friends and...
Fruit tea present Triple fruity Nr. 21109
Triple fruity
Triple joy with three bestsellers from TeaGschwendner's fruit tea...
Earl Grey Tee-Präsent Nr. 21033
Earl Grey Lovers
Earl Grey No. 69 - World Tea Champion 2009 - and Earl Grey-candy...
tea gift with rooitea cream caramel Nr. 21042
Cherry on the Cake
The healthy South African named "Roibush" in a creamy composition...
Tea Gift with Ceylon tea Nr. 21095
Edmon´s Gold Tin with Ceylon Nuwara Eliya
400g of the brisk, fresh and aromatic highland specialty from...
Fruity Fun Nr. 21009
Fruity Fun
Triple power from fruits : From natures cornucopia our Tea Tasters...
Gift Card 25 Euros by TeaGschwendner Nr. 3501
Gift Card 25 EUR
The TeaGschwendner gift vouchers - give the gift of tea! With the...
TeaGschwendner Gift Card for 50 Euros Nr. 3502
Gift Card 50 EUR
The TeaGschwendner gift vouchers - give the gift of tea! With the...
Tea gitf with Earl Grey black tea Nr. 21005
Lucky Charm
The elegant silver tea caddy "Edmon 's" , filled with a delicious...
Green heroes of winter Nr. 21151
Green heroes of winter
These two teas help us heroically through the winter and Christmas...
Tee-Geschenk mit Früchtetee "Gute Besserung" Nr. 21157
Get well soon "Full fruit ahead"
A compassionate greeting to a sick friend or relative: With...
Tea gift with three ginger teas Nr. 20116
Ginger, ginger, ginger!
Three times gingery warmth, three times sweet-sharp stimulation....
Teegeschenk Keep Burning mit Naturstoffwechsel Nr. 1105 Nr. 29102
Keep Burning!
Natural vitality - this is our activating hot tea with Matcha and...
Tea gift Little Something Nr. 21014
Little Something
Ideal as a souvenir, instead of flowers or simply as a small "gift...
tea gift with natural beauty organic Nr. 29103
Small beauty treatment
Natural beauty - this is our sweet rose-scented Rooibos herb...
Sweet Serenity Nr. 1405
Sweet Serenity
(€56.00* Base Price)
Teegeschenk mit Nashornschutz-Tee Assam Kaziranga Nr. 11290
Rhino protection with tea (NABU)
Tea presents can be so useful: With this fine, authentic organic...
tea gift with two NABU project teas Nr. 21150
Tea for Environmental Protection
A tea set for the benefit of the environment and nature. Delicious...
Tea gift with Japan Sencha Extra Fine Nr. 11111
Edmon´s Silver Tin with Japan Sencha Extra Fine
Stylish gift! The high-quality Japanese tea in the Edmon's tin,...
Teegeschenk mit Naturfokus und Naturrein Nr. 29101
Strong Focus, inner Purity!
A tea for strong focus in professional and student life, a tea for...
Einsteigerset mit Wintertees Nr. 21121
Winter Tea Sampler
Enjoy a sampling of four of our most popular WinterTeas. The teas...
Tea gift Tender Fruits Nr. 29005
Tender Fruits
Red is love - even in a cup! Our mild fruit teas are anything but...