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Formosa Dong Fang Mei Ren


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Attributes: Contains caffeine, To drink cold
Cultivation method: Conventional cultivation
Flavour: gentle aromatic
Growing region: Formosa
Taste: fruity / flowery
Tea type: Oolong Tea
Quality (TGR) TGR108 | 110


Oolong Tea.


12 g tea leaves (4 level tablespoons) to 1 liter of filtered water, boiled and cooled to 90°C/194°F. Allow to brew 3 min.

Tea quantity 12g / l
Temperature 90°C
Drawing time 3Min.

Beautiful Oolong from Miaoli

Miaoli is one of the most famous growing areas for Oriental Beauty in Taiwan. At an altitude of 400 metres, the tea trees grow on the leeward side of hills with high humidity and plenty of sunlight, which creates ideal conditions for attracting the small cicada Jacobiasca formosana.

The altitude of the tea garden is about 300 to 400 metres above sea level. The tea trees are sucked by small green insects (cicadas) and the cyanine (plant pigment) is metabolised differently to produce special substances that create a natural honey aroma. The quality of the tea depends on the degree of "sali-va" (insect bites). In addition to the above name, it is also known as Baihao Oolong tea.

Which tea cultivars were used for the tea?

The cultivar used is called Chin-Shin-Dapan.

What makes this tea so special?

The tea has a natural honey and fruit flavour produced by green cicadas, which cannot be cultivated. There is no other way to produce the flavour, the teamakers depend on the animals. The most valuable part is the top of the tea bush, each tea bush does not have too many tops, the production decreases from year to year.
The leaf of the tea is alternately beautiful red, white, yellow, brown and green. The colour of the infusion is orange-red and has an aroma reminiscent of honey and ripe fruit. The taste is sweet, soft and gentle.

Preparation recommendation of the producer

The tea master recommends: 3g per 150ml, 100°C, 4 minutes brewing time.


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