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Matcha for Latte to Go Pulver
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Matcha For Latte To Go is the perfect companion for the easy preparation of Matcha Latte and the... more
Matcha For Latte To Go is the perfect companion for the easy preparation of Matcha Latte and the green enjoyment on the go. Pleasantly intense, full-bodied and slightly sweetened, Matcha For Latte To Go is well suited to bring the unique green tea taste and an intense green colour to all latte variations - whether with trendy soy milk or conventional cow milk. This tea comes from the best organic cultivation areas on Japan's South Island Kyushu. Let your creativity run wild and add a little more colour to your drinks!
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Average nutritional values 100ml
Energy 291 kj Energy 69 kcal
Fat 1,60 g of which saturated fatty acids 1 g
Carbohydrates 9,80 g of which sugars 9,20 g
Protein 3,70 g Salt 0,05 g
Organic sugar, organic Matcha green tea (20%), emulsifier fruit pectin.

Use: May be used in warm as well as in cold drinks. Does not have to be dissolved in water before use.
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18 Nov 2016

Sehr gute Qualität des Produktes, Preis-Leistung stimmt - für Tee oder Smoothie super

1 Nov 2016

Schmeckt toll, gute Qualität

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