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Matcha Jaku - Ceremonial Spirit Nr. 708
Japan Matcha Jaku "Ceremonial Spirit" Organic
Representing the soul of green teas of Japan – full-bodied, intense...
(€1,150.00* Base Price)
Matcha Kei - Master's Tribute Nr. 709
Japan Matcha Kei "Master's Tribute" Organic
Our tea growers in Japan face Matcha Kei with greatest dedication:...
(€1,626.67* Base Price)
Japan Matcha Sei "Every Day Purity" Organic Nr. 707
Japan Matcha Sei "Every Day Purity" Organic
Free your heart and your mind from the stresses of everyday life –...
(€643.33* Base Price)
Japan Matcha Culinary Organic Nr. 704
Japan Matcha Culinary Organic
Milkshake, ice cream, cake, pasta – Matcha Wa is the perfect...
bag (100g)
(€295.00* Base Price)
Matcha for Latte to Go Pulver Nr. 712
Matcha For Latte organic
Matcha For Latte To Go is the perfect companion for the easy...
x 200g
(€102.00* Base Price)