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China Chun Mee Bio Nr. 500
China Chun Mee Organic
Tightly curled, dusky green leaves – Chun Mee or “Precious...
(€49.00* Base Price)
China Gunpowder Bio Nr. 505
China Gunpowder Organic
Rolled tightly into balled shapes, Gunpowder tea was ideally suited...
(€45.00* Base Price)
China Gunpoweder Temple of Heaven Nr. 510
China Gunpowder Temple of Heaven Organic
Sea captains ferrying precious cargoes back to the West dubbed this...
(€55.00* Base Price)
China Lung Ching Nr. 519
China Lung Ching Organic
Some of finest Green tea in the world is produced in the Xi Hu...
(€129.00* Base Price)
organic green tea China Mao Feng Nr. 516
China Mao Feng Organic
A gem from the breathtaking jagged peaks of the south Anhui...
(€102.00* Base Price)
lose leaf tea China Wild Pi Lo Chun Nr. 514
China Wild Pi Lo Chun Organic
Top tea master-crafted by hand, with a slightly twisted open leaf,...
(€118.00* Base Price)
China Wuyuan Jasmin Bio Nr. 536
China Wuyuan Jasmine Organic
This bold jasmine handiwork is the specialty of producers in the...
(€98.00* Base Price)
China Yellow Dragon Tea Nr. 541
China Yellow Dragon Organic
Only in the South of China the secret of good yellow tea is still...
(€98.00* Base Price)
Green tea sampler Nr. 20008
Green tea sampler
Enjoy a sampling of four of our most popular Green Classic Teas....
(€94.00* Base Price)