Nr. 290709, Japan Matcha Kei "Master's Tribute" introductory sample

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Introductory sample for 2-3 bowls (depending on Matcha intensity) Our tea growers in Japan face... more
Introductory sample for 2-3 bowls (depending on Matcha intensity)

Our tea growers in Japan face Matcha Kei with greatest dedication: Harvested at the very best of times in spring, shaded for a lengthy period of time, ground particularly gently and slowly. The knowledge of Matcha production has been passed down from generation to generation and comes to a peak with this masterpiece, a true tea for tea masters!
Green tea.

About 3–5 g of the powder is placed in a special stoneware bowl (chawan, 300–400 ml), which has been warmed. Soft or filtered water is added, boiled and cooled to 80°C/176°F. The liquid is then beaten until frothy using a bamboo whisk (chasen).
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25 Oct 2016


7 Oct 2016

punkte ist gut, aber jetzt noch was schreiben wenn alles ok ist ist nicht ok, nerv

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