Nr. 5943, Equa Bottle Mismatch Chocolate Night 0,75l

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The MISMATCH Chocolate Night bottle was designed to resemble the perfect harmony of almost... more
The MISMATCH Chocolate Night bottle was designed to resemble the perfect harmony of almost unimaginable mismatched materials. A firm and durable glass bottle embraced by a soft felt cover. This unusual combination not only makes the bottle more durable, but more rebellious and unconventional.
Felt cover protects the glass bottle and keeps your drink warm or cold longer.

The minimalistic shape and monochrome graphics make Mismatch bottles simple yet stylish. A variety of designs is available with protective and fashionable covers as well.
Made of borosilicate glass.
Resistant to big thermal changes, so it's safe to keep your hot tea in a bottle too.
The lid is made of stainless steel, tritan and silicone ring which enables the MISMATCH bottle to be 100% leakproof.
Designed by Maja Repotocnik.
Made in Europe.

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