Nr. 22101, Dunoon Tea Mug "Looking Good Sunglasses"

Dunoon mug with sunglasses
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Sunglasses, shades or specs, in all shapes, sizes and colours, are the stars of the show on this... more
Sunglasses, shades or specs, in all shapes, sizes and colours, are the stars of the show on this mug from Dunoon by Kate Mawdsley! Aviator, Ray-ban, Cat-eye or Jackie O, in tortoiseshell, metallic, chunky plastic and every colour and shade imaginable, this is every girl’s dream of a feast of eyewear! If you can’t own them all, at least you can enjoy them every time you have a drink. A great gift for all fashionistas and lovers of bright things.

Material: Fine Bone China
Height (cm): 9
Diameter (cm): 9
Capacity (ml): 320

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