Nr. 22061, Dunoon Mug Jura Sakura

Dunoon Mug Jura Sakura
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A Japanese style design by Aileen Morley with branches of beautiful cherry blossoms laced with... more
A Japanese style design by Aileen Morley with branches of beautiful cherry blossoms laced with extravagant 22 carat gold.
Dunoon fine bone china mugs are handcrafted in Staffordshire, England. They are produced to the highest quality using traditional methods which have been developed and refined over 3 family generations in the pottery industry.
This is the smallest of all our mugs. The Jura shape has a flare at the top and with its delicate feel it is one of most sophisticated shapes in the range. It fits perfectly under the coffee machines on the market and is the perfect size for an after dinner drink.
Form: Jura
Capacity: 0.21 l
Material: Fine Bone China
Height: 85 mm, perimeter 82 mm


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