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No. 2265

China Bi Xiang Zao Mao Jian


This specialty tea is produced in the mountains of Gu Zhang, picking only one bud and one leaf. The young leaves are harvested in spring and processed into an extremely accessible and flowery green tea that also contains a hint of umami thanks to the Bi Xiang Zao shrub used.

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Attributes: To drink cold
Cultivation method: Organic
Flavour: gentle aromatic
Growing region: China
Seals: Organic cultivation
Taste: fruity / flowery
Tea type: Green Tea
Quality (TGR) TGR105 | 110


Organic Green Tea.

Organic certification

Organic cultivation DE-ÖKO-013
Organic cultivation DE-ÖKO-013 Certified by QC&I GmbH

The organic seal is the European label for organic products and labels our teas from controlled ecological production according to the regulations of the EG-eco-regulation on the organic farming.


12 g tea leaves (8 level Tealamass) to 1 liter filtered water, boiled and cooled to 80°C/176°F. Allow to brew for 2 min.

Tea quantity 12g / l
Temperature 80°C
Drawing time 2Min.

Chinese Green Tea with umami flavour...

The unique taste of this special Chinese Green Tea is due to the high quality, fresh tea leaves harvested in  spring with the best quality. The cultivar used, "bi xiang zao", is known for its special aroma and buttery mouthfeel, reminiscent of Japanese umami.

Hunan is one of the most important tea-growing regions in China. This tea speciality comes from Shimen County in the northwestern part of Hunan Province. The region is known for pioneering organic tea cultivation due to its pristine and beautiful nature - far away from industrial areas. The special location in the mountains also predestines the region for the production of premium green teas such as Gu Zhang Mao Jian: at high altitude, the tea leaves grow more slowly and can therefore develop very fine and complex aromas.

The tea plantation is located in the mountains at an altitude of 800-1500 metres and covers an area of 60 hectares. The surrounding area is 81% forested and therefore has a very high content of negative oxygen ions. The year-round temperature is about 3-5 degrees lower than in the surrounding cities and the temperature difference between day and night is large. The weather is mostly cloudy and humid. 

Which tea cultivars were used for the tea? 

The tea is made from high quality fresh tea leaves harvested using the "one bud + one leaf" method. The bush is called "bi xiang zao", a local variety from Hunan.

What makes this tea so special?

The unique taste of the tea with its excellent aroma is due to the high quality, fresh tea leaves (one bud and one leaf), which are harvested in the spring harvest with the best quality. The cultivar "bi xiang zao" is known for its special aroma and its buttery mouthfeel, reminiscent of the Japanese umami. The elaborate production process also affects the taste of Mao Jian. After hand harvesting, the fresh leaves are placed in a vessel and stewed for one hour at an internal temperature of 25 degrees. After wilting for 2-6 hours, more moisture is extracted from the tea leaves. At a temperature of 120-130 degrees, they lose 40% of their moisture. When the leaves are soft, sticky and slightly elastic and you can smell a light tea aroma, the tea has the right amount of moisture. In the next step, the tea is rolled and dried again until the moisture content has dropped to 15-20 %. Then the tea leaves have to cool for about 4 hours and are dried again. At the end of the production process, a moisture content of 6-7% remains.

Alternative Tea Taster Preparation recommendation from our producer for this tea: 5g to 250ml, 90 ℃ Brewing time 1.5 minutes.


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