Nr. 22308, Glass Carafe EVE „Eucalyptus“

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No matter whether it is used for infused water, (iced) tea or spritzers: The noble... more
No matter whether it is used for infused water, (iced) tea or spritzers:
The noble conical glass carafe EVE made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass captivates with its striking optical appearance.
The beautifully curved 2-part lid with integrated filter can remain on the carafe while the liquid is being poured.
The included stainless steel sieve with elaborate hole punching is not only suitable for tea but also for cold brew.
Capacity: 1.25 l
Set consisting of:
- high-quality stainless steel sieve with hole punching
- 2 – part lid with integrated filter
- Cuff / coaster made of imitation leather, colour-coordinated
In exclusive gift box

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