Nr. 713, Matcha for Latte 1 kg

Matcha for Latte
Diese Verpackungsgröße wurde aus dem Sortiment genommen. Matcha for Latte ist weiterhin in der 200g Packung, Nr. 712 erhältlich.
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Matcha For Latte To Go is perfect if you want an easy preparation of Matcha Latte, or simply when... more
Matcha For Latte To Go is perfect if you want an easy preparation of Matcha Latte, or simply when you are on the go or travelling. Pleasantly intense, full bodied and slightly sweet Matcha For Latte To Go is particularly convenient to add the unique flavor of green tea and a bright green color to all types of Matcha Latte – no matter whether you use trendy soy- or almond milk or regular milk. The tea it is made from comes from the best organic growing areas on Japan’s southern island of Kyushu. Put a little color into your life (and drinks!) and give your creativity free rein!
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Average nutritional values 100ml
Energy 291 kj Energy 69 kcal
Fat 1,60 g of which saturated fatty acids 1 g
Carbohydrates 9,80 g of which sugars 9,20 g
Protein 3,70 g Salt 0,05 g
Organic sugar, organic Matcha green tea (20%), emulsifier fruit pectin.

Use: May be used in warm as well as in cold drinks. Does not have to be dissolved in water before use.
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4 Nov 2016

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