Heavy Consumer: East Frisia (Germany)

East Frisian friendliness: Visitors will alway get a good cup of tea.

It may be somewhat daring to call East Frisia (A region of northwest Germany bordering the Netherlands and the North Sea) a “Nation” and its tea the “National Drink” but East Frisians are avid tea drinkers and the whole process of brewing and drinking tea can take on the dimension of a sacred ritual. On average, East Frisians consume a stunning 2500 g per person/year. This is even more surprising when one considers that the total tea consumption in Germany (including East Frisia) is on average no more than 250 g per person/year! All East Frisian blends have a strong Second Flush Assam content, mixed with quite small amounts of teas from Sumatra, Java, and Ceylon. These blends, peculiar to East Frisia, are drunk with the addition of a lump of “Kluntje” (a large white rock candy sugar) and a small spoonful of cream in each cup. The locals refer to tea made this way with the trilling alliteration “n lekker Koppke Tee” (a delicious cup of tea). The flavor is malty, strong, spicy, and highly aromatic. Protocol demands that the tea must never be stirred in the cup, because the true sensory experience comes in three layers: First the cream (“sky”), then the tea infusion (“water”) and finally the sweetness of the sugar (“land”).

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